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To maintain the highest quality, GPC uses only USDA No. 2 yellow dent corn as feedstock for its ethyl alcohol production. If multiple feedstock sources were used, its distillation columns would have to be continually changed to remove the impurities created from each feedstock. Using only a single feedstock, enables it to maximize the removal of impurities produced in the fermentation process. GPC ethyl alcohol is pure and certified kosher pareve. Stringent quality controls in every phase of the company’s production process ensure the highest quality ethyl alcohol available from any source, fermentation or synthetic. GPC’s ethyl alcohol meets or exceeds all USP and FCC specifications. GPC alcohol is benzene-free. GPC is registered with the FDA, has a master drug file and its laboratory is certified by the TTB for export shipments. Because of its unwavering commitment to a quality system, GPC sets the standard for ethyl alcohol purity and excellence.

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alcohol news

  • 12.15.2016
    Grain Processing Corporation receives Energy Efficiency award at 4th Annual Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities Conference
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  • 5.19.2015
    GPC Announces Major Alcohol Expansion in Muscatine Iowa
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  • 5.19.2015
    GPC Anuncia Proyecto de Expansión Mayor en su Capacidad de Producción de Alcohol en Muscatine Iowa
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  • 5.7.2015
    GPC's New Dryer House is Operational
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  • 4.2.2014
    Grain Processing Corporation Awarded Lab Accreditation
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  • 5.5.2010
    Liquor Dealer Recordkeeping and Registration and Repeal of certain Special Occupational Taxes
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  • 1.24.2003
    New Agency Regulates Alcohol and Tobacco Laws
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