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Sweet Goods – TruBran® corn bran is an excellent way to fortify almost any baked good with dietary fiber. In sweet baked goods such as waffles, cookies and muffins, it can be used to enhance color and texture while maintaining a neutral flavor. Unlike other fibers, TruBran® ingredients have low water absorption making them easy to incorporate. Because of its high fiber content, it can be added at levels sufficient to justify fiber claims without sacrificing product quality.

Breads – It is easy to incorporate TruBran® corn bran into bread products by blending it with other dry ingredients. In breads, rolls, pizza crust, and tortillas, a "good" or "excellent" source of fiber claim can be achieved. Using the coarse particle size F75R in breads, rolls or tortillas can also visually confirm the presence of a healthy grain.

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TruBran® is a registered trademark of Grain Processing Corporation.

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