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‘Big Easy’ Solutions at IFT Food Expo 2014

GPC heads to New Orleans to showcase Big and Easy Solutions in the “Big Easy.”
IFT Food Expo attendees will experience how minor ingredient changes can help overcome big formulation challenges. Learn how simple it can be to reduce sodium 40%, increase fiber levels worthy of a claim and also create baked goods with 18-month freezer stability.

Stop by Booth #2841 to sample our Big and Easy Solutions that showcase the functionality of GPC’s specialty food ingredients. Artisan pitas with added fiber and whole grains will be served with Cajun-seasoned chicken and a refreshing cucumber-yogurt sauce. An excellent source of fiber claim was easily achieved using TruBran® corn bran, a light brown fiber made from U.S. yellow dent corn. TruBran® fibers are heat treated for added stability, have a typical dietary fiber content of 85% and are an easy addition to enhance the fiber content of baked goods. This pita will deliver a delicious sandwich and will be accompanied with a savory, reduced-sodium snack.

GPC will also highlight INSCOSITY® instant modified starches in bakery cakes. An 18-month frozen bakery cake study was conducted to show INSCOSITY® starch’s superior ability to retain moisture and reduce shrinking. INSCOSITY® specialty starches also helps improve cell structure and reduce tunnel size.

GPC’s line of premium MALTRIN® maltodextrins, TruBran® corn bran and specialty PURE food starches fit a wide array of trends and applications. Improve functionality, process efficiency and end-product quality with GPC ingredients.

To learn more about GPC’s exceptional ingredients and superior service visit us at booth #2841 at IFT Food Expo or browse our markets section of the website.

MALTRIN®, INSCOSITY® and TruBran® are registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.