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Gluten-Free Market

It’s no doubt that gluten-free has become a trend in the food industry. The market for gluten-free foods has experienced rapid growth, mainly driven by Celiac Disease and those individuals with gluten intolerance. Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder that affects nearly 3 million Americans. Due to advances in medicine, Celiac Disease can be diagnosed by a simple medical test. Gluten intolerance differs from Celiac Disease in that it is a digestive disorder, not an immune disorder.

There is no cure or pharmacological treatment for Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance. The only way to treat these disorders is to adhere to a strict, 100% gluten-free diet. It is critical for the food industry to respond by formulating high-quality products to meet the needs of affected individuals.

Traditionally, bakers and food formulators have relied on wheat flour to provide structure in baked goods. Removing gluten containing ingredients creates significant challenges. Many of the gluten-free items available today are lacking in terms of texture, flavor and mouthfeel.

Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) has found a combination of corn starches; both native and modified that greatly improves the eating quality of gluten-free baked goods. Specifically, PURE-DENT® B700 unmodified corn starch, along with INSCOSITY® B656 and INSTANT PURE-COTE® B792 instant modified starches, improve mouthfeel and extend shelf life.

INSTANT PURE-COTE® B792 improves textural qualities while INSCOSITY® B656 increases batter viscosity, aids in moisture retention and provides freeze/thaw stability. Additionally, PURE-DENT® B700 contributes bulk while maintaining a clean flavor profile.

GPC is committed to finding effective solutions for your gluten-free formulation challenges. Please contact Technical Service if you have questions or would like to request specific gluten-free formulas.

PURE-DENT®, INSCOSITY® and INSTANT PURE-COTE® are a registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.