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GPC Has Your Solution: Custom, Ready-to-Use Products, for Specific Industrial Applications

Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) is one of the largest producers in the nation of corn starch based products for industrial applications. For many years, we have manufactured tailor-made products for specific applications. These applications include papermaking, coatings, textiles, building materials, mining, drilling, as well as adhesives in corrugating, multiwall bag and laminating. Most applications require purchased starch to be slurried in water and heated (cooked) under varying temperature and pressure conditions. To meet the changing needs of our customers, we have developed liquid starch pastes that are ready-to-use. Our liquid starch pastes do not require special preparation or cooking. Liquid starch pastes provide many customers convenience with savings in preparation of slurry make-down, steam and labor costs.

CHARGEMASTER® brand liquid cationic starch pastes developed by GPC are used in the paper industry. They are effective in emulsification of ASA sizing, retention of optical enhancers, and improvement of retention and strength properties. Ultra high Degree of Substitution (DS) liquid cationic starch pastes have also been developed and used in treatment of industrial waste streams. CHARGEMASTER® liquid cationic starch pastes utilize a quaternary amine to provide functionality in acid and alkaline conditions.

GPC’s SEALMASTER® brand liquid modified starch pastes were developed for use in adhesive applications. These include multi-wall bag glue for paper-to-paper seams, poly-to-paper laminating, and coating binder applications. With increasing petroleum costs pushing latex and poly vinyl acetate prices upward, these corn-based alternatives are gaining more attention. SEALMASTER® liquid modified starch paste adhesives also allow for easier cleanup compared to petroleum-based adhesives.

CONTROL® Polymer I166 potassium-based alkaline starch paste has been used for years for the beneficiation of phosphate ore mining and in drilling fluids. It is a monomolecular dispersion that provides water loss control, alkalinity, and a potassium source for shale and borehole stability. CONTROL® Polymer I166 is also used as a medium to stabilize other ingredients in proprietary blends for drilling fluid additives.

GPC’s Technical Service group is available to help with your specialized application needs. For more information, please contact us at 563-264-4265 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CHARGEMASTER®, SEALMASTER® and CONTROL® are registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.