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GPC Superior Starches and Premium MALTRIN® Maltodextrins Showcased at IFT15 in Chicago

IFT15 attendees discovered how GPC’s functional line of starches and maltodextrins can enhance a wide array of applications. There was something for everyone to enjoy at this year’s expo.

Summer is the perfect time for juicy, flavorful grilled chicken – and what better way to serve it than on a stick?
Juicy grilled chicken breast on skewers were served with a variety of sauce choices including tangy barbeque, creamy wasabi dill and mango habanero. Enhanced with extra moisture, these formed grilled chicken breast pieces utilize GPC’s PURE-GEL® modified starch to achieve a 125% finished yield. Chicken pieces were topped with the tasty sauces also featuring PURE-GEL® starch for thickening, sheen and stability.

Single-Cup Beverage Pods – for Freshness and Convenience
New and creative packaging options are becoming a trend in the beverage world for both freshness and convenience. GPC featured MALTRIN QD® agglomerated maltodextrin in individually portioned beverage pods for brewing. With a neutral flavor profile, MALTRIN QD® maltodextrin not only provides bulk to help fill space in the package, but also quickly disperses adding body and building mouthfeel in the beverage. Selections of freshly brewed coffee and tea were served hot and cold!

Enjoy the Sweet Life
To complement the tea and coffee, visitors were treated to tasty raspberry almond and blueberry maple mini muffins. This sweet dessert demonstrated how INSCOSITY® instant modified starch can be added to frozen bakery items to extend shelf life and maintain great product quality even through extended freeze/thaw conditions.

Study Shows Snack Quality Improvement with GPC Starch
Multigrain crackers were also served featuring INSTANT PURE-COTE® modified starch. Results of a recent study show GPC’s INSTANT PURE-COTE® starch exhibits a superior ability for adding strength to baked snack items. Attendees tested the sturdiness of the cracker while dipping into a savory hummus dip. INSCOSITY® instant modified starch was utilized in the dip to add moisture stability through refrigeration storage.

Exceptional Ingredients, Superior Service
Improve functionality, process efficiency and end-product quality in a wide array of food, beverage and nutritional applications with premium MALTRIN® maltodextrins and specialty starches from GPC.

MALTRIN ®, PURE-GEL®, MALTRIN QD®, INSCOSITY® and INSTANT PURE-COTE® are registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.