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GPC Launches New MALTRIN® Tapioca-Based Product Line

GPC is proud to have launched our new tapioca-based MALTRIN® maltodextrin and syrup solids product line extension. Manufactured in Malaysia for shipment around the world, these new functional carbohydrates cover a wide range of dextrose equivalents, ranging from 4 to 40, all in powder form. Properly named MALTRIN® T-Series, they are made with the highest quality standards and supported by the world-renowned GPC global supply and service.

Differing from our MALTRIN® M line, GPC’s MALTRIN® T-Series products are manufactured using an all-enzyme, demineralized process that can meet Infant Grade quality requirements and help with clean label requirements. They are Non-GM and packaged in a strippable dairy bag or supersacks for ease of use.

Please contact GPC so we can discuss further how our MALTRIN® T-Series products could be of benefit to you.

MALTRIN® is a registered trademark of Grain Processing Corporation.