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GPC Provides Solutions for Healthy Snacks

With obesity and Type II diabetes on the rise, Americans are looking for healthier ways to eat. Nutritious snacks and smaller portion sizes are the trend for weight reduction and controlling a diabetic condition. To improve the nutrition of their products, food manufacturers are launching more whole grain, high-fiber snacks. Mini meals, appetizers and desserts which are reduced in fat, sugar and calories are all the rage. How do food manufacturers improve healthy, high-fiber products while maintaining the texture and flavor profile desired by consumers?

Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) offers TruBran® corn bran as a solution for adding nutrition to snacks and desserts. TruBran® corn bran contains 85% total dietary fiber (TDF), on a dry basis, which is the highest fiber corn bran in the marketplace. This fiber has a light tan color and clean flavor profile. These characteristics allow the addition of fiber without affecting the texture and flavor of the final food formulation. Two different particle sizes of the TruBran® corn bran are available. TruBran® F75M is finely milled making it easy to incorporate with ingredients such as flour and other dry ingredients in snacks, nutrition bars and bakery formulations. A coarser particle size product, TruBran® F75R corn bran is offered for applications where a “whole grain” appearance is desired in a snack or baked item.

For the 2012 IFT Food Expo in Las Vegas, GPC will offer several healthy snacking options which include TruBran® corn bran as the featured ingredient. Tasty pizza rolls containing TruBran® corn bran at a level to provide 3 grams of fiber per serving will be available. The pizza-roll filling is a zesty tomato sauce with INSCOSITY® B672 pregelatinized modified food starch to prevent boil-out and a high-melt cheese containing the PURE-DENT® B950 modified food starch. The PURE-DENT® B950 modified food starch improves the texture and controls the melt of the cheese.

For healthy dessert options, scrumptious doughnut bites and mini reduced-fat cheesecakes bites will be served. The doughnut and cheesecake bites each contain a “good source” of fiber from TruBran® corn bran. The doughnut bites also contain INSCOSITY® B656 pregelatinized modified food starch to control the moisture retention and improve freezer stability over time. For the cheesecake bites, INSCOSITY® B656 pregelatinized modified food starch and MALTRIN® M100 maltodextrin were added to improve the stability and lower the fat in the cheesecake filling. The addition of the INSTANT PURE-COTE® B792 pregelatinized modified food starch to the crust improves crispness and inhibits moisture migration from the cheesecake into the crust.

If you need help improving your snack formulations, do not hesitate to contact GPC or come visit us in our new Solutions Center in Muscatine, Iowa.

TruBran®, INSCOSITY®, PURE-DENT®, MALTRIN® and INSTANT PURE-COTE® are registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.