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GPC’s Solution for a Sticky Situation PURE-DENT® B730 Absorbent Starch

Frustrated with gooey ingredients slowing your manufacturing process? PURE-DENT® B730 modified food starch is a unique cornstarch designed specifically to have an increased surface area and high absorbency rates to help processors solve some of their unique and even “sticky” situations. Materials that are difficult to disperse may benefit from being combined with label-friendly, easy-to-use PURE-DENT® B730 absorbent starch.

With the unique physical characteristics of PURE-DENT® B730 modified food starch, the starch granule is able to carry both aqueous and non-aqueous substances while maintaining free-flowing powder characteristics. This makes it ideal for plating applications. Plating refers to the dry blending of substances onto a carrier to create a free-flowing powder containing an even distribution of the substance. Plating often helps processors carry oily, sticky or highly viscous ingredients to ensure proper dispersion and blending in a finished product.

Furthermore, the plating process using this starch is simple enough it can even be executed using bench-top equipment such as a planetary stand mixer. A few minutes are all that is typically needed to achieve desired results.

A wide array of ingredients can be plated using PURE-DENT® B730 starch. For many materials tested, 33 percent can be added to 67 percent PURE-DENT® B730 starch (or approximately a 50 percent load). Ingredients such as oleoresins, chocolate, peanut butter, honey, essential oils, propylene glycol and lecithin can all be successfully plated onto PURE-DENT® B730 modified food starch for more efficient processing and to maximize your ingredient yield. To see videos of PURE-DENT® B730 starch in action, click here.

PURE-DENT® B730 starch is not a pregelatinized starch, making it essentially insoluble in water. Thanks to this insolubility, aqueous materials, such as honey, can be plated to higher loads where alternative plating substrates, such as maltodextrin, fail because they are water-soluble.

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PURE-DENT® is a registered trademark of Grain Processing Corporation.