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Grain Processing Corporation Announces Breakthrough Cold Dispersing Adhesive Mix for Multiwall Bag Manufacturers

Today’s savvy manufacturer is looking for a safer, quicker and energy-saving way to manufacture adhesives in their plant. Grain Processing Corporation’s SEALMASTER® cold water dispersing mix adhesive provides multiple advantages over traditional cooked adhesives. SEALMASTER® mix adhesive can be easily prepared in a variety of mixing systems, and in most cases, reduces slinging and cleanup time. SEALMASTER® mix adhesive does not require high shear mixing like European potato-based cold mixes. It has the flexibility to be blended in most existing systems found in a plant, such as ribbon mixers as well as high shear systems. Less time is needed to prepare a batch as there is no cool down time required. Biocide additions also become easier.

Plant trials also gleaned these additional advantages:

  • Boiler operation and maintenance is eliminated as boiler or steam heat is no longer required
  • Improved worker conditions as less heat is introduced into the plant
  • Increased safety for paste maker, maintenance personnel and crew
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Environmentally friendly and renewable resource that is domestically available
  • Easily introduced into a facility because it is compatible with a wide range of blending systems and cleans up with water

GPC has a dedicated Industrial Technical Group ready to assist. Please contact us for more information or to discuss planning your trial.

SEALMASTER® is a registered trademark of Grain Processing Corporation.