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In the Thick of Things with GPC Personal Care Starches

There are many thickeners available for use in personal care formulas, both naturally derived and synthetic, but many have limitations. Some have to be pH adjusted before they will thicken, some are just hard to work with and do not go into solution easily and a few create an undesirable rheology. All can become problematic when searching for that perfect thickener.

PURE-GEL® modified starches are a line of personal care thickeners manufactured by Grain Processing Corporation. These thickeners were designed to provide stable viscosity over a wide pH range and will hold up under manufacturing stresses such as homogenization as well as high heat and freeze/thaw conditions. These starches exhibit low hot viscosity so they formulate easily, require no pH adjustment and will gain a short-textured, stable viscosity when cooled.

PURE-GEL® modified starches are manufactured from corn, a renewable resource. These starches are also very mild which allows them to be used in a myriad of formulations. PURE-GEL® starches can be used to thicken creams, lotions, body washes, shampoos and other hair care products. They leave behind a smooth skinfeel that can even eliminate the need of silicones in some lotion and cream formulations.

To learn more about PURE-GEL® modified starches in personal care applications or other GPC personal care ingredients:
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PURE-GEL® is a registered trademark of Grain Processing Corporation.