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Muscatine Alcohol Expansion $48 Million

GPC has been reliably supplying our customers with consistent, high quality beverage and industrial grade ethyl alcohol for over 70 years. It is amazing to review the roster of our long-term customers and to see how we have grown together over this time. As we look toward the future, it is important that we recognize this past success while preparing to support existing and new customer growth.

It was this mindset that inspired the Muscatine Alcohol Expansion project. A cross functional team from Engineering, Operations, Environmental and Sales has been working behind the scenes planning the future of our Alcohol business. All of this work culminated in the May announcement of a $48 Million Alcohol Expansion. Along with a significant capacity increase, this project reduces energy usage, improves yield and upgrades infrastructure in the Distillery area of our Muscatine wet mill. This additional capacity will come online in phases over the next two to five years.

Having a reliable supply of the highest quality and consistent ethyl alcohol is part of the recipe, but producing in a cost-efficient and sustainable manner is equally important. The Muscatine Alcohol Expansion project improves our capability in all of these phases along with providing the capacity to grow our Export and Distribution channels. Most importantly, this project allows GPC to grow with our long-term and loyal customers for many years to come.