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Simple Solutions for Facial Mask Formulations

Washable facial masks have been formulated to provide many different functions. Some claim to minimize pores and firm the skin, while others claim to moisturize and reduce wrinkles. No matter what their claim, facial masks all have a few things in common with their base formulas. The formulation must be non-irritating as well as have some film-forming properties so the mask will adhere to the face for a period of time allowing the active ingredient to work. The formulation also needs to dry within a certain time frame and have the ability to be rinsed off easily.

GPC’s line of personal care ingredients has several choices that are excellent additions to washable facial mask formulations. In the GPC portfolio of starches for personal care,
PURE-GEL® starches are used to add viscosity creating a short, creamy texture. While Zeina® starch will not contribute to viscosity, it will create a water-soluble film that dries quickly and washes off easily.

GPC MALTRIN® maltodextrins are also used in facial mask formulations.
MALTRIN® maltodextrins are very gentle and non-irritating which make them a great choice to use in any formulation for the face. They will not add to the overall viscosity, but will help by adding body and solids to the formula which will result in faster drying. MALTRIN® maltodextrins are also film formers and will enhance the film-forming capabilities of Zeina® starch when used together.

If you would like to learn more about our personal care starches and maltodextrins for facial masks or any other personal care formulation you are working on, please visit us at booth #100 at the New York SCC Suppliers’ Day or browse the Personal Care section of our website.

PURE-GEL®, Zeina® and MALTRIN® are registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.