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PURE-COTE® B790 Modified Starch NF Spress® B820 Pregelatinized Corn Starch NF PURE-DENT® B830 Modified Starch NF
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INSTANT PURE-COTE® B793 Pregelatinized Modified Starch NF PURE-DENT® B810 Corn Starch NF
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MALTRIN QD® M500 Maltodextrin NF TruBran® F75M corn bran
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MALTRIN® M150 Maltodextrin NF MALTRIN® M180 Maltodextrin NF MALTRIN QD® M550 Maltodextrin NF MALTRIN QD® M580 Maltodextrin NF TruBran® F75R corn bran

PURE-COTE® modified starches NF are used in combination with other film-forming polymers to produce non-gelatin, softgel capsules. Their low viscosity allows for increased solution concentration. In two-piece, hard gelatin capsules, Spress® starches perform as binder, diluent, lubricant and disintegrant when manufacturing plugs on high-speed capsule filling equipment. PURE-DENT® starches are used as carriers and bulking agents for filling two-piece, hard gelatin capsules.

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MALTRIN®, MALTRIN QD®, PURE-DENT®, Spress®, TruBran®, PURE-COTE® and INSTANT PURE-COTE® are registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.

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