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GPC's New Dryer House is Operational

GPC delivers on its promise to reduce emissions

The new dryer house, Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) built on the south side of Muscatine is now completed and fully operational. Originally estimated to cost $75 million, GPC has spent over $83 million on the project which was completed on schedule and included additional environmental controls.

As GPC officials promised, the advanced technology to dry grain is making a demonstrable difference in emissions. One of the most noticeable changes is the reduction of the feed drying smell common to all corn wet milling facilities.

“We are very proud to have delivered on our promise to have the new dryer house operational and this investment in people and jobs in our community. We are confident the years of diligent work that went into this technologically advanced facility will put GPC at the top of our industry standards in restricting emissions,” said John Thorpe, GPC President.

GPC has worked steadily to lower emissions through a number of projects and processes, the Dryer House 5 project is the largest and most comprehensive. The new dryer house is one of the largest dryers in existence and replaces 11 existing dryers that have permanently ceased operation. Years of research and planning made it possible. GPC is pleased to be commissioning Dryer House 5 as part of its ongoing sustainability initiatives.

“Getting this enormous project completed on schedule is a testament to everyone involved with the project - from the engineers who designed it, to the construction workers who built it, to the employees who were instrumental in the actual startup of the massive interdependent systems, to those who will keep it running every day at GPC,” said Gage Kent, Chairman and CEO of Kent Corporation.

In 2014, GPC announced plans to transition from coal to natural gas as its fuel source, taking extraordinary steps to convert all of its coal-fired boilers to natural gas-fired no later than mid-July 2015. Converting the GPC boilers to natural gas will dramatically reduce sulfur dioxide, lead and other emissions.

“Environmental responsibility and sustainability is a mainstream expectation for GPC. These two massive undertakings demonstrate that commitment,” said Mick Durham, Director of Environmental Services for GPC.

“Muscatine is our home. Our families, executives and employees live and work in this community, and are devoted to its success. We take our role of being a good neighbor seriously. We look forward to a long future of sharing economic, environmental and community accomplishments with Muscatine and its citizens,” added Gage Kent.

GPC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kent Corporation, a family-owned business since its creation 88 years ago. Each year, GPC purchases more than $400 million of corn produced by Iowa farmers. Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) is a major manufacturer of grain neutral spirits, food and nutraceutical starches, industrial starches, maltodextrins and corn syrup solids, specialty products and feed ingredients. The Company markets its products worldwide.

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