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Local Roots. Global Presence. From the foods you eat to the tennis shoes you wear, the shampoo used each day to the food served to your pets, it starts here. You’ve probably consumed a food or beverage today that contains one of GPC’s products. Combining innovative technology, excellent products and unparalleled customer service, GPC has gained a significant following among consumer products manufacturers all around the world.

Innovative. Responsive. Creative. Maltodextrins from GPC are used throughout the food industry in a vast array of products from baked goods to beverages, candy to nutritional bars and salad dressings to frozen desserts. Our starches are used for thickening, gelling and coating an equally diverse number of foods.

Quality. Purity. Consistency. Used in the manufacturing of soft drinks, spirits, medical products, hair sprays, perfumes, just to name a few, GPC’s alcohol has set the standard for ethyl alcohol purity around the world.

Versatile. Unique. Pure. Controlling sweetness in throat lozenges and helping give chewable tablets a better mouthfeel are just a few of the many ways GPC adds value to these highly diverse and important industries.

personal care
Dynamic. Innovative. Extensive. Giving hand lotions and shaving creams more body are just a few of the many ways GPC continues to create innovative products catering to the ever-changing needs of the personal care industry.

industrial starch
Practical. Reliable. Universal. GPC’s industrial products are on the cutting edge of innovation and are used in industries such as papermaking, adhesives, textiles, solvents and coatings.

corn co-products
Performance. Convenience. Flexible. Distillers dried grains, corn gluten feed and corn gluten meal are significant sources of protein for products used to feed dairy, beef, swine, poultry and pet.