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frozen bakery solutions

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In the bakery world, frozen products often compete with fresh for market share. This is a critical time to capture and retain consumer interest as cakes, cookies, cupcakes and other baked goods are crossing over from “dessert” to stake a claim as an indulgent between-meal snack. This move to increased snacking is certainly a factor in the impressive sales growth bakery items have demonstrated on the retail level over the past several years.

However, while commercial bakeries regularly ship frozen product across the country, manufacturers face the challenge of extending shelf life while retaining baked goods’ all-important taste, texture and appearance. The desired outcome is to create an eating experience for the consumer as enjoyable as eating “fresh.” Yet the freezing process itself, in addition to storage, distribution and subsequent product abuse issues, can be detrimental to this goal. Grain Processing Corporation is committed to helping manufacturers achieve their quality targets in order to capture market share in an environment that increasingly demands fresh attributes from frozen products.

Our applications scientists completed an 18-month frozen storage stability study. The study’s objective included evaluating the effect of starches and gums on the volume, texture and crumb structure of yellow cake. Storage trends were studied to determine moisture changes over time, volume loss and shrinkage, as well as textural changes such as hardness, crumbliness, stickiness and loss of resilience.

A key to overcoming the challenge of extended shelf life in frozen baked goods is proper moisture management. Traditionally, in years past, the industry depended on drum-dried pregelatinized, fragmented granule starches to keep cakes, muffins and cookies moist. While drum-dried starch granule fragments offer a short-term solution, these ingredients are unable to manage moisture though the entire freeze/thaw cycles and extended storage conditions. As a result, moisture migrates to the top of the frozen product, creating a wet surface that allows the icing to peel off.

To counter this problem, formulators typically add more hydrocolloids or starches to further reduce moisture loss. This often leads to even greater problems because these added ingredients may not fully hydrate. As a result, this causes shrinking and surface cracking when the product is cooled or defrosted. This over-stabilization is a result of using multiple modified food starches and gums.

INSCOSITY® cold water swelling starch demonstrated the best single solution for reducing moisture loss both at room temperature and in the freezer. INSCOSITY® intact granule instant starch can reduce shrinkage and moisture loss and retain softness during storage to improve overall product quality.

GPC’s food scientists can help with technical expertise for formulation and processing. Whether you’re looking for assistance with frozen bakery products or developing a custom formulation within the category, our food scientists can help you create great-tasting frozen baked goods that maintain their quality appearance and texture throughout the distribution chain.

Technical Formulations

  • Cakes
  • Cookies and bars
  • Muffins
  • Cheesecakes
  • Doughnuts and waffles
  • Assorted gluten-free applications

Ingredient Functionality

INSCOSITY® Instant Modified Food Starches

  • Improves moisture retention
  • Improves cell structure in cake
  • Controls product shrinkage
  • Helps to maintain softness during freezing
  • Decreases large air cells and tunnels
  • Controls cookie spread during baking
  • Easily dispersible in dry mix
  • Increases batter viscosities
  • Clean flavor profile

Our technical experts are ready to support you in the development of your frozen bakery applications. For additional information, contact your sales or technical representative, or drop us a note and let us know how we can help!

INSCOSITY® is a registered trademark of Grain Processing Corporation.

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