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GPC Industrial Starches for Paper

GPC has been a long-time leader in the manufacture of starches to the paper industry. We have a complete line of starches to assist in every step of the papermaking process from unmodified pearl starch to highly-substituted modified starches. Manufactured under the highest quality control standards, you can be assured GPC papermaking starches will perform to your expectations.

B23F is an unmodified buffered starch made from native #2 yellow dent corn. Our B23F starch is designed for optimal performance in enzyme converting operations. Produced to very stringent manufacturing specifications, this is a high-quality, consistent product. Uniformity is the key to the wide application of this cost-effective starch.

D-Series oxidized starches are specially modified corn starches that are a step up from enzyme converted starches. Our family of oxidized starches are designed to meet your size-press, calendar stack and coating needs. Customized grades are available, tailored to your specific requirements. Our oxidized starches have excellent compatibility with coating ingredients and are versatile in that they can be fully pasted through any cooking system.

K-Series COATMASTER® propylated starches are premium modified corn starches that are used in binding and coating applications. They are the ultimate product for surface applications - whether for the size-press, calendar stack or coater. These starches are perfectly compatible with all coating colors, minerals, additives and latexes. Their superior film strength will increase product quality on the size-press and calendar stack.

R-Series CHARGEMASTER® cationic starches are specially modified starches using a quaternary amine to provide charge to the starch chain whether in acid or alkaline conditions. These starches are an excellent choice when looking to increase retention and internal strength properties, emulsification of ASA sizing and retention of optical enhancers. These charged starches are also available acid modified to achieve increased solids. We also have a line of liquid cationic starches available designed to be used as wet-end strength/retention aid additives. The liquid starches are available with a high Degree of Substitution (DS) where they are often utilized in treatment of industrial waste streams.

GPC has a fully staffed technical service department skilled in paper chemistry that can help optimize your papermaking process by conducting plant audits and/or trials. Our sales and service staff are always available to help with any production issue. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Starch audits
  • Coating optimization
  • Paper testing
  • Microscopy work

Please contact GPC for more information.

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