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PURE-DENT® B812 Topical Starch USP PURE-DENT® B816 Topical Starch USP PURE-DENT® B836 Topical Starch USP Zeina® B860 Modified Starch PURE-DENT® B700 Corn Starch PURE-GEL® B990 Modified Starch PURE-GEL® B994 Modified Starch INSCOSITY® B672P Modified Starch
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MALTRIN® M040 Maltodextrin MALTRIN® M100 Maltodextrin MALTRIN QD® M440 Maltodextrin MALTRIN QD® M500 Maltodextrin

All GPC personal care starches have a function in creams and lotions. PURE-GEL® modified starches provide viscosity and stability while maintaining an extremely cost-effective formulation. They contribute a smooth skinfeel and short texture to the formulation along with pH, shear, heat, and freeze/thaw stability. Zeina® modified starch is used to modify the rheological properties of the formulation while maintaining the stability. Being a film-forming starch, this polymer also contributes unique properties when applying the formulation to skin. Using PURE-DENT® starches is an excellent way to give the final formulation a silky, non-tacky skinfeel. When used at higher levels, these starches can present a powdery feel, i.e., the formula goes on like a lotion, but feels like a powder. Medicated creams and lotions are an excellent application area for GPC starches.

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