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Specially Denatured Alcohol (SDA) usage chart

commonly used SDA ethyl alcohols
  Per 100 gallons of pure alcohol add:
SDA 1-1 4 gal. methanol + 1/8 oz. Bitrex®
SDA 1-2 4 gal. methanol + 1 gal. MIBK
SDA 2B-2 ½ gal. rubber hydrocarbon (i.e. heptane or hexane)
SDA 2B-3 ½ gal. toluene
SDA 3A 5 gal. methanol
SDA 3C 5 gal. isopropanol
SDA 23A 8 gal. acetone, NF
SDA 23H 8 gal. acetone, NF + 1.5 gal. MIBK
SDA 29-3 1 gal. ethyl acetate (or other – must be reacted)
SDA 30 10 gal. methanol
SDA 35A 4.25 gal. ethyl acetate
SDA 39C 1 gal. diethyl phthalate
SDA 40B 1/8 gal. t-butyl alcohol + 1/16 oz. Bitrex®

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