Interest in and desire for health and wellness products continues to be sought after by consumers looking to manage their personal and family’s well-being. Our functional ingredients offer economic solutions for beverages, nutritional bars, granulations, tablets, capsules and coatings.

Market Insight

Importance of Delivery

Trending in the industry are products formulated for emotional health, energy, immunity and beauty from within. Pill fatigue has supplement manufacturers looking for alternative delivery methods such as gummies, chewables and films.

GPC Advantage

The Right Ingredients

We offer binders, carriers, absorbents, film-formers, diluents and dispersing powders – along with expert know-how to formulate to the latest trends in nutraceuticals.

Nutraceutical Solutions


Our premium MALTRIN® maltodextrins and syrup solids are neutral flavored, white carbohydrate powders and are available with a number of functional properties.

  • Improved end product quality
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO available
  • NF versions offered


Where different physical forms are desired, MALTRIN QD® maltodextrins and corn syrup solids are available.

  • Enhanced dispersibility
  • Superior dissolution
  • Improved flow properties
  • NF versions available


GPC starch excipients are used in applications for binding, bulking, lubrication, moisture management, carrying and coating. We can offer the correct starch solution to fit the specific function desired. Partner with us to solve your application challenge!

  • Non-GMO available
  • Specific functionality
  • Pregelatinized options offered