GPC has been fine-tuning our craft of distilling exceptional ethyl alcohol for 80 years, which allows us to set the industry standard for purity and consistency. Our ethyl alcohol is sustainably produced from 100% corn at two Midwest manufacturing locations and is available as gluten-free, Kosher and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Our ethyl alcohol products are sold all over the world for use in applications demanding the highest possible degree of purity. As a result of an unwavering commitment to total quality systems, GPC has literally set the standard of excellence for ethyl alcohol purity and lot-to-lot consistency. Add our unmatched customer service and track record of reliable supply, and you have a trusted partner with GPC.

Market Insight

Clean Taste Is King

Hard seltzers are exploding in popularity. Maintaining a clean taste profile is paramount. Our grain neutral spirits have a clean and consistent taste profile over malt-based alcohol, helping your brand stand out in an increasingly crowded space.

GPC Advantage

Consistent + Certified Quality

Our superior-quality ethyl alcohol exceeds all USP and FCC specifications and is always benzene free. (Less than 1ppm total impurities compared to the USP spec of up to 512ppm).

Our manufacturing facilities are registered with the FDA with a Drug Master File (DMF) for both excipient and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Our TTB-certified laboratory uses both ASTM and in-house test methods to validate our consistent quality and to meet the most stringent customer requirements.

Specially Denatured

Our high-quality ethyl alcohol is used to produce a variety of 190 proof and 200 proof specially denatured alcohols (SDA). 

Please refer to 27 CFR Part 21 (click here) for a list of TTB-approved SDA formulas and applications.                                                                          

Explore Our Solutions


Our superior quality alcohol has neutral sensory characteristics that let the taste and smell of your products shine through. Our alcohol is used in food and beverage applications demanding the highest degree of purity.

  • Distilled spirits
  • Flavor extracts and concentrates
  • White distilled vinegar

On-Trend Applications
Our whiskey distillate can help extend and improve cost efficiencies in brown spirit applications


GPC alcohol is benzene-free and registered with the FDA. Our superior quality alcohol is used in personal care applications demanding the highest degree of purity. You do not want your personal care products to smell like bad tequila.

  • Aerosols
  • Fragrance/Cosmetics
  • Hand sanitizer/Surface disinfectant
  • Hand soap
  • Mouthwash


GPC alcohol is benzene-free and registered with the FDA.  Our superior quality alcohol is used in pharmaceutical applications demanding the highest degree of purity.

  • Blood fractionation/Plasma
  • Excipients
  • Cough Syrup
  • Purification


Our high-quality ethyl alcohol is used in a variety of 190 proof and 200 proof industrial ethyl alcohol applications.

  • Chemical intermediates
  • Solvents
  • Surfactants
  • Printing ink/Coatings
  • Silicones