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Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) has earned a reputation for excellence as a leading supplier of animal & pet nutrition, crude corn oil and corn germ in addition to our standard line of feed ingredients. GPC caters to the specific needs of our customers by providing products which are customized to their exact specifications.
  • GPC applies a wet-milling/distilling process to separate corn into various components
  • Starches are first separated from the protein and fibrous portion of the kernel
  • The protein portion is the golden-colored feed ingredient, 60% protein corn gluten meal
  • The fibrous portion is combined with corn condensed distillery solubles to produce corn gluten feed
  • GPC produces corn gluten feed in dry pellets and loose form as well as wet feeds. Corn condensed distillery solubles are marketed as an excellent source for liquid feed applications
  • GPC also markets hexane-free crude corn oil and whole kernel corn germ
  • All of these products are marketed around the world

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corn co-products news

  • 1.28.2017
    Non-Genetically Modified (Non-GM) Corn Gluten Feed Available from Grain Processing Corporation
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  • 12.15.2016
    Grain Processing Corporation receives Energy Efficiency award at 4th Annual Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities Conference
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  • 12.29.2015
    Non-Genetically Modified (Non-GM) Corn Gluten Meal Available from Grain Processing Corporation
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  • 5.7.2015
    GPC's New Dryer House is Operational
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  • 4.2.2014
    Grain Processing Corporation Awarded Lab Accreditation
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  • 4.1.2010
    Introducing Hexane Free crude corn oil, and refined and crude Identity Preserved Non-GMO corn oil.
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