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Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) was formed to build and operate a government industrial alcohol plant as part of the World War II synthetic rubber program. The firm was incorporated February 11, 1943, in Iowa, its founders being S.G. Stein and G.A. Kent, both of Muscatine, Iowa. Upon the termination of this program, the company leased the plant from the government with an option to purchase for private operation. Production was then shifted from industrial to beverage alcohol. The facilities were purchased from the government in 1953 and GPC is now one of the largest producers of grain neutral spirits for beverage and industrial use. Our prominence in this area is a result of large-scale efficiency and the ability to produce the highest quality and most uniform product available. These ethyl alcohol products are sold worldwide for use in applications demanding the highest possible degree of purity. As a result of unwavering commitment to total quality systems, GPC has literally set the standard of excellence for ethyl alcohol purity and lot-to-lot consistency.

In 1959, to further increase the efficiencies of the integrated processes, the company came on stream with the initial stages of a corn wet milling operation. This included the steeping, milling, germ separating and oil expelling steps. Following additional engineering and economic studies, the operations were expanded to produce high-quality, unmodified corn starch. This system, which has been in operation since 1960, was expanded once in 1962, twice in 1963, and several times since then. The process was also expanded to produce a range of acid-modified and oxidized starches. Industrial starches are marketed to the paper, corrugated box, textile, building products, mining and oil well drilling industries.

During 1961, GPC produced its first sweeteners on an experimental basis. In 1969, the line of hydrolyzed starch products, MALTRIN® maltodextrin and corn syrup solids, was introduced. These products have been met with wide acceptance by the food industry and the product line continues to expand. In 1990, the third plant expansion in ten years was announced to meet the growing demand for these products. GPC is the world’s largest, most dependable producer of maltodextrins. With an unmatched product line and the GPC commitment to quality, MALTRIN® products are the gold standard for the industry. In addition, GPC is a leading supplier of food, nutraceutical and personal care starches.

GPC’s broadly diversified line of products, mainly derived from corn, also includes many products vitally necessary to the animal + pet nutrition industry such as Corn Gluten Meal, Corn Gluten Feed, SOLULAC® distillers dried grains and a broad range of feed supplements.

In 1996, Grain Processing Corporation announced plans to construct a new, state-of-the-art corn wet milling plant. The primary objective of building a second plant was to enhance GPC’s ability to serve the needs of customers by providing additional capacity to meet the growing demands for these products. Further, diversifying the physical location of manufacturing assets and capabilities provided even greater reliability and dependability of supply to long-term customers. This significant investment in next generation manufacturing capacity demonstrates GPC’s total commitment to and confidence in the successful growth of the company and industries served. This plant, located in Washington, Indiana, has exceeded expectations in production efficiencies. Since its completion, it has strengthened GPC’s ability to produce consistent quality products and to provide on-time performance.

A new Technology Development Center was constructed at the company’s headquarters in Muscatine, Iowa, in 1997. The mission of this development center is to develop manufacturing processes for new products, model and improve existing manufacturing processes, evaluate and recommend new processing technology, and provide samples for internal and customer evaluations and trials. The center provides development facilities for expansion of existing food, nutraceutical and industrial product lines, as well as capabilities for specialty and biochemical process development. This development center is the cornerstone for aggressive research and development efforts to provide expanded products and services for GPC customers.

Research, Quality Control and Product Development have paved the way for GPC’s success. GPC’s Research, Technical Development and Technical Service efforts illustrate the emphasis the company puts on new approaches and new ideas; the soundness of this philosophy is evidenced by the progress that has been made in both products and production. The management philosophy of true commitment to quality and long-term customer satisfaction has been the key to growth and success.

Grain Processing Corporation continues to be privately owned and its ownership and management team have a clear vision for continued success in the future with continuing investment in the finest people, facilities, technology and customer support services that reflect the seriousness of our commitment to quality.

MALTRIN® and SOLULAC® are registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.

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