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As a leader in industrial starch technology, customers the world over turn to Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) for specialty starch products that are on the cutting edge of technical development. These products find their way into industries as diverse as:

GPC modified starches provide a solution for a wide variety of papermaking applications such as sizing, retention, strength, film-forming and coating.

Many customers from around the world turn to GPC for help with their adhesive formulas. From high-quality unmodified starch to superior performing modifieds, GPC has the materials and expertise to streamline your corrugator.

Multiwall Bag
Liquid or dry, our SEALMASTER® adhesives are formulated for bonding a variety of paper and paper/poly combinations with excellent strength and superior ease of cleanup.

The textile industry relies on GPC specialty starches for sizing and finished fabrics. Our instant laundry starch for the retail launderer is easy to use and exhibits no highlighting while providing good dispersability and maximum fabric stiffness.

Building Materials
GPC produces specialty starches that are used as a binder systems for granular and fibrous applications for many different building products. Ceiling tiles, wallboard, paint and building adhesives are several examples. Statistical Process Control (SPC) quality programs ensure reliable specialty products for GPC customers.

With increasingly stringent environmental regulations, GPC can help optimize mining and drilling operations with binders and recovery aids. GPC’s line of CONTROL® polymers can be used in oil well drilling to control filtration or control calcium solubility in lime based drilling fluids. Mining application products include binders for iron ore green ball formation or flocculants/depressants for oxidized iron ores. We also produce a ready-to-use, liquid alkaline phosphate ore depressant.

SEALMASTER® and CONTROL® are registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.

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