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CHARGEMASTER® granular cationic starches CHARGEMASTER® liquid cationic starches

Grain Processing Corporation (GPC) designed CHARGEMASTER® cationic dry and liquid starches to give you optimum wet-end performance in acid, neutral and alkaline papermaking. CHARGEMASTER® dry products exhibit superior cooking properties, improved clarity and enhanced storage stability. CHARGEMASTER® starches, cationic or amphoteric, will meet your strength, retention and drainage requirements. Whether it is fine paper, linerboard, medium, coating base or newsprint. Whether a recycling program includes OCC, ONP, high-grade deinked or mixed papers, GPC’s CHARGEMASTER® cationic starches can help the papermaker to achieve better quality, improved runability and increased strength, enhancing the utilization of recycled fiber.

CHARGEMASTER® L340 Cationic Starch Paste
CHARGEMASTER® L340 cationic starch paste is used as a wet-end strength/retention aid additive for papermaking applications. Because it is a pregelatinized liquid, it does not require cooking and can be diluted and/or applied as is.

L340 contains a very high level of cationic charge (degree of substitution) which can contribute to improved retention and strength. Increased retention can provide a cleaner papermaking system, increasing machine performance. Increased strength properties provide a higher quality product. It can also be used for enhanced optical brightener retention.

CHARGEMASTER® L435 Cationic Starch Paste
Grain Processing Corporation’s CHARGEMASTER® L435 cationic starch paste is used as a wet-end strength/retention aid additive and an ASA emulsifying agent for papermaking applications. The product is supplied in 275-gallon totes and bulk truck.


Elevated Charge Substitution Level:

  • Increased retention of fines, sizing chemicals in demanding systems
  • Increased sheet strength properties
  • Reduced dusting and linting
  • Increased sizing, reduced size addition
  • Improved machine performance with reduced white water solids

Pregelatinized ready-to-use pasted product:

  • Eliminate cooking costs (labor, steam)
  • Easy to use, dilute and go
  • Reduced viscosity for ease of handling

Retention and strength

  • Retention is enhanced when CHARGEMASTER® cationic dry or liquid starches are used alone or with retention aids

CHARGEMASTER® cationic starches provide strength, allowing for higher filler content paper. The resultant savings in furnish cost are dramatic. Recycled fiber can also be incorporated into your furnish mix without loss of strength.

cationic starches application(s):

CHARGEMASTER® is a registered trademark of Grain Processing Corporation.

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