GPC Serves Up Functional Solutions at SSW

Visit GPC…for functional solutions. Stop by the GPC booth at SupplySide West, October 25-26.

Peanut Replacement Solutions with Roasted Soy Flour.  

Want to add a nutty flavor without introducing a peanut allergen?  Try our gluten-free, peanut-free cookie, containing ROSY100 roasted full-fat soy flour as a wheat flour replacement.  ROSY100 roasted full-fat soy flour delivers protein and a pleasant peanut flavor.  

Jump on the Chickpea and High Fiber Trend…Without Sacrificing Flavor! 

What’s trending? It’s #chickpea and #fiber!  Try our gluten-free high-fiber cracker utilizing CP100-S steamed chickpea flour as the main flour component.  In addition, FYBRIN® RS (resistant starch) F100 food starch-modified adds a significant amount of fiber to this cracker with a smooth mouthfeel and neutral flavor profile.  FYBRIN® RS resistant starch is the low-profile high-fiber solution for snacks!

Looking for Quick Dispersing Powders for Consumer Convenience?

Bring premium dispersibility to your formulation with MALTRIN QD® maltodextrins.  See instant dispersibility for yourself when sampling a Rose Hibiscus Green Tea dry mix containing MALTRIN QD® M580 maltodextrin.  MALTRIN QD® M580 maltodextrin can be used in a beverage to speed the mixing of vitamins and minerals, herbal ingredients, and stabilizers in cold water.  Maltodextrins are also excellent solutions for building solids and providing a neutral flavor profile.

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