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Over the past two years, the global pandemic has redefined how athletes and weekend warriors train and fuel their activities.

Over the past two years, the global pandemic has redefined how athletes and weekend warriors train and fuel their activities. Instead of going to the gym, fitness buffs work out at home or in their “bubble” of training partners. Sports and nutrition products are being developed to improve energy, body composition and overall health. 

One of the most important characteristics of a sports drink is the osmolality. Normal body fluids have an osmolality of 275-298 mOsm/kg. Solutions that have a higher osmolality than the body cause water to be drawn from the body into the stomach to balance the osmolality. This can cause an athlete to have stomach cramps. In sports drinks, MALTRIN® maltodextrin is a readily digestible glucose polymer with low osmolality. Maltodextrins, at a given concentration, exert a lower osmolality than dextrose or sucrose and provide more utilizable energy at a higher carbohydrate concentration. 

MALTRIN QD® maltodextrin provides quick dispersion of dry mix sports beverages in cold water. In protein and meal replacement drinks, MALTRIN QD® maltodextrins help improve dispersion of proteins, gums and other nutritional additives while controlling sweetness and providing body with a neutral flavor profile. INSCOSITY® pre-gelatinized food starch-modified adds viscosity and aids in suspension in protein beverages. 

For granola and protein bars, MALTRIN® maltodextrin builds solids, moderates sweetness and improves binding. INSTANT PURE-COTE® B792 food starch-modified improves adhesion of the bar particulates or adds sheen in clear coatings. INSCOSITY® pre-gelatinized food starch-modified can be added to control moisture migration and keep the bar soft over its shelf life. 

In sports gels and energy chews, MALTRIN® maltodextrin can be used at a high percentage to provide quick energy. MALTRIN® maltodextrin helps prevent sugar crystallization in gels and chews over time to enhance shelf life. In energy chews, MALTRIN® maltodextrin enhances texture and controls sweetness.

For sports supplements, MALTRIN QD® maltodextrin can be used as a binder and flow aid in tablets and capsules. MALTRIN QD® maltodextrin has excellent flow properties, provides a smooth mouthfeel and is directly compressible in chewable or effervescent tablets. In oral disintegrating tablets, MALTRIN® maltodextrin improves capping and aids in disintegration of the active ingredient upon ingestion.

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