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maltodextrins + corn syrup solids
MALTRIN® M040 Maltodextrin NF MALTRIN® M100 Maltodextrin NF
also of interest
MALTRIN® M180 Maltodextrin NF MALTRIN QD® M440 Maltodextrin NF
PURE-DENT® B816 Topical Starch USP PURE-DENT® B836 Topical Starch USP PURE-GEL® B990 Modified Food Starch
also of interest
INSTANT PURE-COTE® B792 Modified Food Starch PURE-DENT® B812 Topical Starch USP PURE-GEL® B994 Modified Food Starch

Maltodextrins + corn syrup solids
The mild, non-irritating properties of MALTRIN® maltodextrins make them effective fillers and carriers for medicated creams and lotions. They build the solids of the formulations giving it more body and allowing longer playtime, which is especially desired for products that are massaged into the skin. They provide humectant properties as well.

PURE-GEL® starches provide viscosity and emulsion stability to creams and lotions under pH, heat or shear stress. PURE-COTE® and INSTANT PURE-COTE® starches provide film-forming properties and smooth skinfeel with lower viscosity. Both are mild and enhance the skinfeel properties of the final product. PURE-DENT® starches are used to give the final formulation a silky, powdery skinfeel.

Gluten Free | Non-GM Available

MALTRIN®, MALTRIN QD®, PURE-GEL®, PURE-DENT® and INSTANT PURE-COTE® are registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.

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