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GPC starches range from basic unmodified starches for tableting to very specialized, innovative starches for unique applications.

PURE-COTE® modified food starch is corn starch that has been specially modified to produce clear, flexible films. This starch can be used as the primary or secondary film former in aqueous tablet coatings, softgel capsules, oral thin films or granulations. PURE-COTE® can provide an economical replacement for gums, gelatin or cellulosic polymers (i.e., HPMC).

INSTANT PURE-COTE® pregelatinized modified food starch is a cold-water soluble starch uniquely designed for film-forming applications and aqueous film coating. Finished coatings are water soluble, clear and have good sheen. INSTANT PURE-COTE® modified starch can be used in a wide variety of applications where film-forming properties are desired, such as for coatings, barriers, texture modification, binding or adhesives.

PURE-GEL® modified food starches provide stable viscosity under extreme pH, heat and processing conditions. They are freeze/thaw stable and help stabilize emulsions. PURE-GEL® products are excellent thickeners for soft chews, gels or any formula that requires a smooth and stable thickener.

PURE-DENT® starches are high-quality, versatile corn starches. The PURE-DENT® line of powdered starches has many functional properties including binding, disintegration, absorption, and bulking for nutraceutical applications including wet and dry granulation, tableting and body powders. GPC offers food or USP starches for formulations.

GPC produces PURE-DENT® Absorbable Dusting Powder USP for use as a lubricant for examination gloves and other applications.

PURE-COTE®, INSTANT PURE-COTE®, PURE-GEL® and PURE-DENT® are registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.

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