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At GPC, we understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint while making quality ingredients for our customers. Since 2001, we have reduced carbon dioxide (CO2) discharge by 5%. Our Muscatine and Washington plants both have CO2 recovery facilities that limit emissions and produce carbon dioxide for beverage and food applications.

GPC has set environmental targets that guide us toward improving air quality. We already have achieved our 2016 targets:

  • Original Target: Reduce total emissions by 58%
    • ✔ As of July 2015 we have reduced total emissions by 87%
  • Original Target: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 8%
    • ✔ As of July 2015 we have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 49%

Installation began in 2011 on a new energy efficient feed dryer that uses natural gas and biogas as a fuel source. Construction of the state-of-the-art dryer and other improvements were completed by early 2015. The new dryer has a wet scrubber and thermal oxidizer to eliminate the volatile organic compounds produced in the drying process, which helps reduce total emissions. GPC also replaced its use of coal with natural gas as the sole fuel source for its boilers. The shift to natural gas provides a projected 91 percent reduction in boiler emissions.

We are proud of how these projects have reduced total emissions at our Muscatine plant by 87% compared with 2014 levels.

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