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GPC Highlights New MALTRIN® Tapioca-Based Product Line at IFT Food Expo ’17

The 2017 IFT Food Expo takes place in Las Vegas June 26-28. Be sure to stop by Booth 3040 to see, hear and taste what’s new at GPC.

Taste Quenching Sippers

Made Better with MALTRIN® Tapioca Maltodextrin
During the IFT Expo, attendees can sample a cool, refreshing watermelon or cucumber flavored beverage featuring GPC’s new MALTRIN® tapioca maltodextrin. With a neutral flavor profile, MALTRIN® maltodextrins quickly disperse to add body and build mouthfeel in beverages.

MALTRIN® tapioca maltodextrins and tapioca syrup solids (MALTRIN® T-Series) are the newest additions to GPC’s globally marketed MALTRIN® line of ingredients. Sourced from 100% tapioca, these functional carbohydrates are Non-GM by origin and are available in a wide range of dextrose equivalents.

Sample Sweet and Savory Snacks

Made Better with GPC Starch
A savory, warm chicken and waffle snack and a sweet, tasty green-tea cupcake with hibiscus-lime buttercream demonstrate the functionality of GPC’s specialty starches. INSCOSITY® instant modified starch extends shelf life and maintains great product quality through lengthy freeze/thaw conditions. INSTANT PURE-COTE® coating/film-forming starch provides waffle crispness while PURE-GEL® modified starch controls moisture in the chicken tenders.

Munch on Crunchy Treats

Made Better with MALTRIN® Maltodextrin
Tempt your taste buds with a crunchy Bananas Foster-flavored popcorn snack. MALTRIN® maltodextrin is used to build solids without excessive sweetness.

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MALTRIN®, INSCOSITY®, INSTANT PURE-COTE® and PURE-GEL® are registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation