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GPC Introduces INSCOSITY® Modified Starch for Cold Process Personal Care Formulations

Not only improve the functionality of your personal care product formulation but also reduce costs with GPC’s new INSCOSITY® modified starch for the personal care industry. Using heat to formulate personal care products can be costly as well as time consuming. It takes more money and energy for the heating process as well as the installation of extra equipment. The heating/cooling process can also take longer adding more time between production batches. That is why some formulators would prefer to use a cold process technique for their formulations, but, unfortunately, the bulk of functional ingredients available need to be heated. So when choosing to make cold process formulations, it is important to choose the right ingredients. Two very desirable characteristics that a cold process ingredient should have are quick, easy dispersion without causing lumps or fisheyes and fast development of the desired functionality the ingredient is adding to the formula.

GPC is proud to announce the addition of INSCOSITY® cold water swelling modified starch to its line of specialty ingredients for the personal care industry. INSCOSITY® modified starch is manufactured from corn and adds instant viscosity, freeze/thaw stability and a smooth texture to a myriad of cold process personal care products including lotions, creams, and body washes as well as shave gels/creams, facial masks and shampoos. INSCOSITY® modified starch is easily dispersed in cold or hot water and provides stable viscosity in the presence of heat, acid or shear.

To learn more about INSCOSITY® modified starch in personal care applications or other GPC personal care ingredients, visit GPC Booth #903 at NY SCC Suppliers’ Day, May 15-16 in New York, NY, or contact us today.

INSCOSITY® is a registered trademark of Grain Processing Corporation.