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Need a Carrier for Cannabidiol Oil?

An exploding trend in the nutraceutical industry is adding cannabidiol (CBD) and full spectrum hemp oils to numerous consumer products including beverages, powders, tablets, gummies and lotions. While there is still a lot of research needed, many believe in the positive effects of these ingredients. Some consumers use the oil by itself, but many formulators are looking to deliver these ingredients in other oral and topical applications and need a good carrier. Grain Processing Corporation has a solution for these formulation challenges. MALTRIN® and MALTRIN QD® maltodextrins and PURE-DENT® modified starches are ideal carriers for not only CBD and hemp oils, but also vitamin oils, flavor oils and other nutraceutical ingredients.

MALTRIN QD® (Quick Dispersing) maltodextrins have a unique agglomerated structure that allows oil to be plated onto the maltodextrin and carried into powders, capsules, tablets and other delivery forms. If encapsulation is desired, the film-forming properties and ease of drying of MALTRIN® maltodextrins make them excellent carriers for spray drying. GPC maltodextrins are also available as Non-GMO Project Verified for our customers who require this certification.

Another option is to use an absorbent starch to carry these oils. PURE-DENT® B730 modified starch is manufactured to create pores in the starch granules, which makes it an impeccable carrier for oils and other ingredients. This starch is not soluble in room temperature water, therefore it is also perfect for carrying aqueous ingredients in applications where a powder is required.

GPC will be exhibiting at SupplySide East, April 9-10, at Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus, NJ. We will be featuring our MALTRIN FM® maltodextrin for fast melt applications, MALTRIN SS dried glucose syrup in a dry mix plant-based meal replacement drink and MALTRIN® tapioca syrup solids in peanut butter protein bites.

Stop by SupplySide East Booth #F103 to discuss carrying oils with GPC ingredients or solutions to any of your formulation needs.

If you are not attending the exhibit and would like to discuss GPC products, please contact us today!

Non-GMO Project Verified Maltodextrins, Corn Syrup Solids and Ethyl Alcohol now available from Grain Processing Corporation.

MALTRIN®, MALTRIN QD®, PURE-DENT® and MALTRIN FM® are registered trademarks of Grain Processing Corporation.
MALTRIN SS™ is a trademark of Grain Processing Corporation.


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