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New Ingredients Featured at SupplySide West and AAPS PharmSci 360 Exhibits

GPC’S globally marketed MALTRIN® line of carbohydrates continues to expand with the addition of MALTRIN SS™ dried glucose syrup. This new ingredient is ideal for a variety of applications including nutritional products, toppings and variegates, dairy, bakery and spray drying. It builds solids for enhanced mouthfeel and contributes minimal sweetness with a neutral flavor. This product is a readily digestible carbohydrate that can be used as an excellent source of energy for nutritional products. MALTRIN SS™ dried glucose syrup is easy to disperse and has reduced sugars (DP1/DP2) compared to corn and tapioca syrup solids. This product will be featured in a Dry Mix, Plant Protein Meal Replacement Drink.

New MALTRIN FM® fast melt maltodextrin is designed to quickly melt in your mouth with no grittiness or unpleasant flavors. It is an excellent carrier of other ingredients, such as flavors, colors and active ingredients. This unique powder provides an efficient oral delivery vehicle for people who have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules. MALTRIN FM® maltodextrin can be applied directly into the mouth with no water needed. The fast melting action and neutral flavor make it ideal for Fast Melt Powders and Oral Disintegrating Tablets (ODT).

MALTRIN® tapioca maltodextrin will be showcased in tasty Seaberry Supplement Chews to help control sweetness and osmolality. This maltodextrin provides a smooth mouthfeel with a neutral flavor and is easily dispersed in high solids systems such as gels and chews.

For a better-for-you snack, Peanut Butter Protein Bites will feature MALTRIN® tapioca syrup solids for improved binding and softness to maintain texture in the bar. INSCOSITY® instant modified starch is also used to help control moisture migration and improve moisture retention.

Visit us at these Fall trade shows:

SupplySide West Global Expo
Las Vegas, NV

November 8-9, 2018
GPC Booth 4276

AAPS PharmSci 360
Washington DC

November 5-7, 2018
GPC Booth 1914

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Non-GMO Project Verified Maltodextrins, Corn Syrup Solids and Ethyl Alcohol now available from Grain Processing Corporation.

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