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Explore Different Functional Properties of MALTRIN® Maltodextrin

Are you currently using a MALTRIN® maltodextrin? Ever wonder why you are using one particular MALTRIN® product over another? GPC’s MALTRIN® maltodextrin line includes a variety of products. While they are all white powders and are labeled as “maltodextrin,” these carbohydrates have different functional properties.

One way to characterize maltodextrin is by Dextrose Equivalent (DE).

DE is a quantitative way of measuring the degree of starch polymer hydrolysis. It is a value from 0 to 100 and measures the reducing power compared to a dextrose standard of 100. Maltodextrins are carbohydrate powders having a DE less than 20. The DE of the carbohydrate can impact properties such as viscosity, clarity and sweetness. What is ideal for one application may not be the best choice in a different application.

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