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GPC Introduces New MALTRIN FM™ Fast Melt Maltodextrin and
PURE-DENT® Starch Cores at SupplySide West and AAPS Expos

SupplySide West Expo will be held September 27–28, 2017, at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV. GPC’s Booth Number is W136. AAPS Expo takes place November 13–15, 2017, in San Diego, CA. GPC’s Booth Number is 928. Stop by our booth at either show to learn more about the newest additions to our globally marketed line of ingredients.

MALTRIN FM fast melt maltodextrin is designed to quickly melt in your mouth with no grittiness or unpleasant flavors. The fast melting action and neutral flavor of MALTRIN FM maltodextrin make it an excellent carrier of other ingredients. This new maltodextrin technology provides an efficient oral delivery vehicle for people who have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules. MALTRIN FM maltodextrin is a fast melting powder that can be applied directly into the mouth with no water needed. The product quickly dissolves releasing the active ingredient, flavors and/or other ingredients. The fast melt properties of MALTRIN FM maltodextrin also make it ideal as a diluent and carrier in oral disintegrating tablets and dry mix beverages. Stop by our booth at SSW or AAPS to sample a packet of our Mojito-Flavored Fast Melt Powder to see for yourself!

PURE-DENT® starch cores are fine particle size cores designed to carry active ingredients, flavors, colors or other ingredients to achieve a uniform dosage. They are manufactured from basic, unmodified starch. Their use in controlled release particles demonstrates an effective way to deliver active ingredients at a uniform dosage in tablets, capsules and powders. The fine particle size of PURE-DENT® starch cores makes them an excellent base carrier for powder-layering active ingredients to make spheres. The powder-layered spheres can be used as is or enteric coated to deliver a controlled release dissolution profile. PURE-DENT® starch cores are also ideal for Wurster fluid bed coating where a coating with lower weight gain is desired. Flavors, colors or active ingredients can be applied to these fine particle starch cores with excellent uniformity and distribution of the added ingredient. PURE-DENT® starch cores are not sticky in the process which results in reduced agglomeration and higher yield.

GPC will also showcase tasty Energy Chews featuring MALTRIN® tapioca maltodextrin to help control sweetness and osmolality. MALTRIN® tapioca maltodextrin provides a smooth mouthfeel with a neutral flavor and is easily dispersed in high solids systems such as gels and chews. Two flavor choices are available – cherry or peach/mango/apricot.

At SupplySide West, No-Sugar-Added Brownies will be available as a sweet treat for booth visitors. Enjoy this snack which has a texture and flavor profile similar to a sugar-sweetened baked good. MALTRIN® maltodextrin improves the moisture retention and softness while INSCOSITY® instant modified starch helps prevent moisture loss and provides good freeze/thaw storage stability.

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