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GPC Opens Applications Lab in Kent Innovation Center at Iowa State University

Kent Corporation recently opened a new Kent Innovation Center at the Iowa State Research Park campus in Ames, Iowa. As a wholly-owned company of Kent Corporation, Grain Processing Corporation took advantage of the opportunity by opening an applications lab in the facility and recently hired Jessica Schaumburg as an Associate Scientist Intern to work there. Jessica, a student working on her M.S. in Food Science at Iowa State, previously worked as an Associate Scientist Intern at GPC in Muscatine during the summer of 2015 and is a great fit for our inaugural intern position based in Ames.

Jessica has been working on a number of projects since the lab opened in early November. One project is developing a reduced-sugar frosting utilizing GPC specialty ingredients. In this formulation, Jessica is using MALTRIN SS™ V204 dried glucose syrup as part of the sugar replacement system. MALTRIN SS™ V204 has reduced sugars (DP1/DP2) compared to other corn and tapioca syrup solids. This product builds solids, provides a creamy mouthfeel and improves flavor profile in a reduced-sugar frosting. INSCOSITY® B656 food-starch modified was also added to this frosting formulation to improve stability and texture. INSCOSITY® modified starches are functional cold water swelling starches which improve moisture retention and stability in bakery products.

Jessica is also conducting a stability study of GPC starches in white sauce and will be testing a variety of experimental starches in cakes in the next few months. She will also be assisting GPC Technical Service with an ISU Application Challenge this spring. Going forward, we will continue to support our new Ames-based Associate Scientist Intern Program, further strengthening our relationship with the Department of Food Science at Iowa State University.

INSCOSITY® is a registered trademark of Grain Processing Corporation.
MALTRIN SS™ is a trademark of Grain Processing Corporation.